Hash Church 3.0

Hash Church 3.0 Episode 22

May 16, 2021 Marcus Bubbleman Richardson Season 3 Episode 22
Hash Church 3.0
Hash Church 3.0 Episode 22
Show Notes

Join us for an incredible discussion on the sensory scientific approaches our different panelists have been engaged with , cannabis and hops. 
 Nick Ziegler from Yakima Chief Hops joins us and drops KNOWLEDGE BOMBS, truly an incredible amount of knowledge in this mans head. 
 Max Montrose joins us as well with a beautiful explanation on his INTERPENING work he's been engaged with.
 Jeremy Plumb chimes in and as always eloquently and masterfully. 
Debbie goldsberry brings us back to reality when we get to far down the rabbit hole and brings us back up to the reality for the end user ie ' the customer' 
Rick Delisi shares with us the joys of having his father back from prison after 32 years. 
Skunkman Sam with all the questions of an excited child. A true cannabis lover .

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